Road fencing

TEX-1 is a leading producer of road and motorway fencing infrastructure.


We have fenced many sections of national roads and motorways in cooperation with such business partners as SKANSKA S.A., BUDIMEX S.A., MOTA-ENGIL CE S.A., STRABAG and many more.



We have fenced the sections of:

  • A1, A2, A4 motorways
  • S7, S3, S8, S69 national roads
  • Bypass of Karczemka near Gdańsk
  • access roads to Wisła bridge in Kwidzyn
  • Bypass of Nowa Sól


The elements of the road fencing systems (e.g. road nettings, gates, posts) produced by us have been certified by the Road and Bridge Research Institute in Warsaw.


For many years now our road fencing systems have helped to secure national roads and motorways in the whole country, which proves that our products are of best quality.

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